Driveline Maintenance and are you accountable?


Customers often ask should they service their transmission and or change the oil in there differential/transfer case in their vehicle?

My answer is simple if you’re asking that question I recommend you to get it done. Now if you’re in the category of customer who just drops off your vehicle to your local mechanic and hope all recommend fluid changes are behind done most likely they are to the manufactures recommendations. However manufactures now label driveline components fill for life and this means dealer mechanics & regular independent shops won’t change any driveline fluids.

What is Fill For Life?

Fill for life is a term used in late model motor vehicles when it comes to driveline components. Now to use an example I’ll use a 6 speed automatic transmission in a 2008 BMW. Now BMW have a vehicle which requires a 6 speed transmission but BMW don’t manufacture transmissions. This is where ZF a driveline component manufacture is approached to supply BMW with driveline components. This is where the sales pitch starts for ZF to win and secure the contract to supply.

Transmission Manufacture

  • Can supply a sealed unit which is maintenance free during warranty period
  • Less warranty concerns due to untrained/qualified workmanship
  • Lower manufacturing costs of spare parts due to long jeopardy of units.
  • Increased unit production due to increased demand on long life units.

Vehicle Manufacture

  • A sealed unit which is maintenance free during warranty period
  • Minimal spare parts stock due to maintenance free unit.
  • Increased profits due to low cost units

Now for people who buy new vehicles and turn them over every 3-5 years this is all good news. This information it targeted to vehicle owners who plan to keep their vehicle more than 5 years and or who are the 2nd or 3rd owner of a late model vehicle.