Audi / Volkswagen 7spd DSG loss of drive & reverse gears

Volkswagen Audi & Skoda 7 speed 0AM DQ200 Mechatronics failure

In 2008 the release of the 7 speed dry clutch DSG transmission was fitted to lower torqued engines below 250NM. Known as the DQ200 or 0AM dual clutch transmission it is 23kg lighter than the 6 speed DQ250/02E wet clutch transmission.

The DQ200/0AM includes three main components the Dry Dual Clutch assembly, the mechatronics unit with it own oil supply and the main gearbox assembly. The gearbox when on its own works like a regular front wheel drive manual transmission.

Servicing the 0AM Transmission

There is a schedule to change the fluid every 60,000kms or 48 Months, the bearings inside of the transmission are known to wear causing debris which can cause issues with the shift rail sensors. The dual clutch touch points can also be re learnt during a service procedure to help eliminate clutch wear due to clutch shuddering normally during the 2nd gear application.

Known Problems with the Mechatronics unit

The mechatronics unit is made up of 4 main components
No.1 The Control module with integrated sensors.
No.2 Internal electric oil pump
No.3 Apply pistons operated by solenoids
No.4 Pressurised accumulator.
The most common problem with the Mechatronic Unit is loss of drive & reverse and signs of green or blue fluid under the vehicle. If the transmission module is scanned the following codes maybe present.

  • 006300 - Function Restriction due to Insufficient Pressure Build-Up – P189C
  • 006079 – Hydraulic Pump – P17BF
  • 17225 - Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor/Switch 1 - P0841

As the mechatronics unit is supplied by the dealer as a complete unit if any of the internal components fail the whole unit will need to be replaced.

Mechatroincs Unit Repair Available.

We can now offer our customers a repair option for the above failure saving customers up to $1000-$2000 is some cases. 

Effected Models

To confirm your vehicle is fitted with a 7 speed DQ200 transmission look at your gear shifter it should have DSG imprinted into the chrome. Also if the vehicle is still driving the applied gears will display on your dash then counter the up shifts to 7th on a freeway.

  • Audi A1
  • Audi A3
  • Skoda Fabia
  • Skoda Octavia
  • Volkwagen Caddy
  • Volkswagen Golf
  • Volkswagen Polo