Audi A S & Q Series 7 speed DSG transmission problems


Various Audi Models from 2010 on wards suffer from a VARIETY of symptoms of a faulty Automatic Transmission.

The 7 speed dual clutch automatic transmission known as the 0B5 unit, uses an internal mechatronics unit, components on this unit fail causing various problems. Loosing reverse gear or having it slip or shudder is a common issue. Using a diagnostic scan tool and live data information the internal components can be tested and checked. The internal dual clutch unit is common for failing causing internal gear selection problems also.

Known Symptoms of Failed Mechatronics Unit 

  • Loss or Intermittent Reverse Gear.
  • Engine Light due to Faulty Solenoids.
  • Engine Light due to Faulty Speed Sensors.
  • Rough Gear Shifts due to above faults.

Known Symptoms of Failed Dual Clutch Assembly

  • Loss of Gears normally Reverse and all even numbered gears.
  • Slipping or Shuddering of gears.
  • Mechanical Disengagement of gears causing Engine light.
  • Jolting of Gear Changes on up shifting and down shifting.

After diagnosis is complete we can determine the faulty components that need to be replaced. Using parts sourced directly from components manufactures rather than Audi spare parts we can carry out repairs rather than complete replacement of expensive components. Put simply rather than fitting a complete new mechatronics unit we can fit a new solenoids which could be a saving of 70% on the parts cost.   

0B5 Mechatronics Repair Kit

0B5 Mechatronics Repair Kit


Effected Audi Vehicles from late 2008 onwards

  • Audi A7 Quattro Petrol & Diesel Engine Vehicles
  • Audi A8 Quattro Petrol & Diesel Engine Vehicles
  • Audi Q5 QuattroPetrol & Diesel Engine Vehicles
  • Audi S5 QuattroPetrol & Diesel Engine Vehicles

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