BMW 6L45 Mechatronics Repair Kit 24607623883

For a long time BMW have used General Motors automatic transmissions in various models.

One unit that seems popular is the GM 6L45E 6 Speed Automatic Transmission with integrated Mechatronics unit. Now this transmission is the little brother the 6L80E transmission commonly found in the Holden Commodores from 2006-ON. 

This design of the Automatic Transmission uses an internal Transmission Control Module and Solenoid Pack known as a Mechatronics. Like any transmission with solenoids they are known to have problems and require the mechatronics to be replaced due to the solenoids being part of and sealed in the mechatronics unit. One would think being of GM origins the replacement part would be cheap and interchangeable quite easy. Unfortunately this is not the case the unit is specifically designed for BMW software only and if you where to use a Holden Commodore unit the BMW software wont load.

Common SYMPTOMS of faulty units

  • Drive ability shifting complaints mainly around 2nd - 3rd gear up shifts and also 4th - 3rd gear downshifts. 
  • Communication codes between transmission control module, ABS module and engine control module.
  • Transmission Solenoids codes.

Replacement mechatronics Units

To purchase a replacement Mechatronic unit from the BMW dealer can be expensive. We source our replacement genuine units directly from the manufacture warehouse which we can then code to suit our vehicles.  

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